Leavenworth Paragliding specializes in tandem instructional flights from Tumwater mountain in the picturesque town of Leavenworth Washington.

We offer flights for both inexperienced pilots interested in getting their feet

off the ground for the first time, to newly rated pilots who would like

in-flight coaching for flying in the mountains. 

Tandem Flights  $329.00

If you have never flown a paraglider before, a tandem flight with an experienced instructor is a fantastic way to get your feet off the ground and experience what it's like to see the world from above. Check out some reviews here

What to Expect

We will shuttle you up to the launch site in our vehicle. You will be fitted with a harness and helmet, and your instructor will prepare the gear for the flight. You will then be clipped in with the pilot and launching will only require a few running steps off the hill. Once in the air you can sit back and enjoy unmatched views of the beauty that surrounds Leavenworth. Our shuttle vehicle will meet us in the landing zone and return you to reality.

Guests are advised to wear sturdy shoes or boots, long pants and a jacket because we will be exposed to wind and cooler temperatures. wearing sunglasses is also recommended. You will be provided a helmet.